V.E.S.I.T. Training & Placement

Welcome to the Training and Placement Cell of V.E.S Institute of Technology. V.E.S. Institute of Technology was established in 1984, with the aim of providing professional education in the field of Engineering. It has been imparting quality education in the field of technology for the last 28 years which has been getting top preference by students in admission. The Institute is recognized by AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) and affiliated to the Mumbai University.

V.E.S.I.T Training and Placement Cell caters for enhancing not only the employability skills but also the overall development of the student’s personality. On Campus and Pre-placement training programmes such as Aptitude Tests are conducted along with Seminars based on the overall Campus Recruitment Process, Skill Set Analysis, Steering the Interview and Transactional Analysis. These activities enable us to identify the strengths and weakness of an individual candidate and help us select strategies for improvement.

Arise! Awake! And stop not till the goal is reached.

- Swami Vivekananda

The focus of the cell is to strike a match between recruiter expectations and student aspirations. The goal of the placement cell is to provide a unique platform to the students by acting as a link between the industries and the academia. To achieve its goal, the Training & Placement Cell works towards recognizing the core competencies of students and enhancing them to give their best to the world and beyond.

The Training & Placement Cell

  • Training & Placement Officer: Mr. Nagananda A.
  • Deputy Training & Placement Officer: Mr. Dashrath Mane

Placement In-Charges:

  • Mrs. Sarika Kuhikar (Electronics Engineering)
  • Mrs. Indu Dokare (Computer Engineering)
  • Mr. Prasad Godse (Instrumentation)
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Ranjan Bala Jain (Electronics & Telecommunication)
  • Mrs. Vidya Poojari (Information Technology)
  • Mr. Ramesh Solanki (Masters of Computer Application)